Saturday, March 7, 2009

Artist statement/JP Fernandes

JP Fernandes enjoys working with unusual mixed media . His Abstract creations,such as his shadow boxed reliefs and his unique sculptures using pollyresin foam with glass, wood, paint,and plastic give him the edge that makes his work easily recognisable and Memorable.

Color,shape and texture and the ability to manipulate objects to to create a unique style of his own. He began referring to his work as abstractivateing, or going in to the studio to abstractivate. Finding things to use to create his work is never a problem there is much discarded materials to gather up and bring to the studio and create with.

There are those moments when he will get a request to do a painting a light house or a native dancer, that is also enjoyed . But to take and create something totally unrecognisable is most exciting and pleasurable. the Idea for using unusual materials came to me one day in a lumber and hardware store looking for paint and I began to see materials that I could put to use creating art from everyday materials that were difficult to control . Going to that place, that of the imagination, thinking about color and shape and texture and working into the wee hours and coming back again and trying to get it special individual look that will grab the viewers eye and make them think and wonder about the piece or about the artist.